20th August

Each Team must have 15 players registered with the League

1st February

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary of any rule changes

4th February

Last day to return the League Trophies / Cups 

12th March

Last day to sign players on so that they can be eligible to play in a Cup Final

30th April

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary for the entry of new / additional Teams for season 2016/2017
Please ensure League rules are followed to avoid fines

Update - 31st October 2017


Grass roots Football is facing the biggest 
challenge it has ever seen.

This has been an extremely difficult and 
demanding season, and we still have 6 months 
to go. The League Officers have tried to retain 
their enthusiasm levels but that has been hard 
on the back of continual withdrawals and of 
course the constant criticism, some of which 
is of an abusive nature.

We try to be sympathetic and help where we 
can, but of course this is never good enough.

Yes we have rules that we ask Clubs to adhere 
to, where these are not followed it creates extra unnecessary work. We make Clubs aware of the consequences if they fail to follow the competition rules, yet when we apply the rules, that is when the criticism starts.

League Officers are volunteers so no different to Club Officials, so why should we take the continued criticism, and abuse. I have personally struggled over the last month to determine whether it is all worthwhile, but if we walk away we are no different to the Clubs who have withdrawn, so that does not solve the problem, but simply accelerates the decline.

If we make mistakes I am the first to correct the errors, but we are only human, as are Club Officials, we understand that.

Communication is critical, if Clubs have issues as I have always advocated, early notification allows us to come up with solutions.

All we ask is a bit of co-operation and support, if you have positive suggestions on how we can improve things please let us know, but can we try an avoid the negatives.

Update - 30th October 2017

Gosfield United F.C. have announced that they are withdrawing their team from Division Two

All results and fixtures and now being expunged from the League records

Will this nightmare ever come to an end.........

Update - 18th September 2017



It was agreed by the Management Committee that any Club that is found guilty of playing an ineligible player will have any points gained from that match deducted from its record.
In addition the points available from the match will be awarded to the opposition


When a Team fails to fulfil a fixture, the points from the match in question will be awarded to the opposition.  In addition a further two points will be deducted from the defaulting clubs total.  Where the match involved is a cup match, the match will be awarded to the opposition

Update - 22nd August 2017


The competition has to regrettably announce another volley of Team Withdrawals

Beacon Hill Rovers F.C. Reserves from Division One

Leigh Ramblers F.C. A from Division Three

Southminster St. Leonards F.C. Res from Division Three

That now brings the total of withdrawals since the AGM to 7, will it ever end?

Update - 13th August 2017

Countdown towards the new season has started therefore some points to bring to 
your attention

1. Handbooks

The paper handbooks should be with all Club Secretaries by early next week.

Any amendments please advise the League Secretary

Virtual Handbook can be found on the League website, see link 

All club contact details can also be found on the League App

2. Fixtures

Fixtures for the first month of the season are loaded in Full Time.

Any queries please contact the relevant Fixture Secretary

3. Full Time

All League Administrators have been loaded into Full Time. New Secretaries, Clubs you should have received an email asking you to set up your username and password.

Result Sheets must be loaded through Full Time in line with competition rule 11.a.

Once you have loaded your Result Sheet it is recommended that you go back into the system to make sure the information has saved correctly.


Guides for completing Result Sheets can be found on the League website. Please take a few minutes to read the guides.

4. Sending in Results by SMS

Guide for sending in results through SMS can be found on the League website. Please take a few minutes to read these guides.

Last season several Clubs were fined for

Sending results in by SMS in an in correct format so the results were not accepted by the Full Time System

Not sending in results by SMS on time, by 7pm on the day of the match.

Failing to send in results by SMS at all

It is recommended that a few minutes after you have sent the result in by SMS, you look at the website to make sure that the result has been received by the system and shows the correct score the correct way round.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are the AWAY team in a League match or a League Cup Competition YOU SHOULD NOT SEND IN THE RESULT BY SMS even though you get an SMS message from Full Time asking you to do so.

For County Cup matches you should only send the result in by SMS if you are the HOME team or you are playing a team NOT in our League away from home.

Please however continue to contact Gordon Harvey our Publicity Officer to provide details of the match, goalscorers etc. Gordon is waiting for your call on Saturday evenings.

5. Referee Appointments

This season as part of the "Centralised Referees Appointments" pilot scheme all referees' appointments are being undertaken by the Referees Department of the Essex County F.A.

As with last season you will receive notification from F.A Full Time details of your Match Officials for every fixture. 

Please however continue to liaise with Bob Hurrell, Referee Liaison Officer.

If marking a Referee 60 or below your report MUST still be sent to Bob Hurrell cc. the League Secretary.

The report must be constructive and completed in line with the marking structure outlined on page 59 of the League Handbook.

6. Referee's

The ECFA have sanctioned that Referee's are permitted the use of coloured referee shirts for Season 2017-2018. Sanction is to permit one other non black shirt.

The ECFA have therefore sanctioned the use of Jade Green shirts, however shorts and socks will remain Black.

The Referee fee is £35.00. The home side is responsible for paying the Match Official before the game. 

Please note for Cup games the Referee fee is split 50 / 50 but it is still the home sides responsibility to pay the Match Official in full.

Reminder TEAM SHEETS to be handed to the Referee 15 minutes before kick off

7. Player Registrations

The Competition Registration Secretary has already been in contact with you regarding the deadline as per League rules. Hopefully the new system is not causing you too many issues.

Where signing players on the day (max 3) please ensure that you load the players details into Whole Game System asap, so that the competition can approve and backdate the registration in time for you to complete your Result Sheet.

Note the signing on sheet for players signed on the day MUST be scanned to the Registration Secretary by Tuesday following the weekend's fixture.

Copy of the sheet is attached.

As we have stated in the past it is the Clubs responsibility to ensure that the player has not signed for any other Mid Essex Club, or is suspended.

Clubs sign players on the day at their own risk. 

8. Contacting the Competition.

The Competition will direct all correspondence through the Club Secretary.

The Competition will only correspond with Club Secretaries, we will not communicate with Players, Managers etc.

Please direct your query to the correct League Officer and don't simply send everything through to the League Secretary.

9. Fixture Confirmations

It is the Club Secretary / Fixture Secretary responsibility to confirm games with your opponents by Tuesday evening at the latest that includes Match Officials.

Please do not delegate to Managers etc.

Finally, to all Clubs a successful and sporting season. Good Luck

Update - 8th August 2017

Barry Long receives 50 year award from the F.A.

Click Here

Update - 21st July 2017


The 2016/2017 Honours, including Leading 
Goalscorers have now been added to the 
Honours tab

Groundsmen of the Year

Gordon Harvey
Southminster St. Leonards F.C.

Congratulations to Gordon Harvey who was awarded the Groundsmen of the Year award at Tuesday's Essex County F.A. awards evening

Gordon works alone with limited equipment, and little budget, he treats the pitch with respect and pride, working to maintain the pitch to a high standard, Grass covering was excellent, on the day of the visit the pitch looked magnificent, and was visually great to look at after being cut. First impressions go a long way and the pitch did not disappoint. A worthy winner this year.

Update - 10th July 2017


AAH Romford F.C. are seeking players for the forthcoming season, please contact 
Steve Florence 07813 735 561


Writtle F.C.are looking friendlies in August, contact Josh Crowe on 07875 572404

Update - 8th July 2017

Request for players

White Notley F.C. - White Notley Reserves are looking for new players to fit into their 
young squad.    Please contact Alex on 07984 676684

Update - 22nd June 2017


Please forward any requests to advertise for players on the website to the Hon. Secretary at

Writtle FC would like to meet new players who might be interested in playing for one of the oldest established clubs in the Chelmsford area, founded in 1902 we have three teams playing Saturday senior football & some of the best facilities in the Mid Essex League inc one of the best pitches in the league winning the groundsman award on numerous occasions , we also have superior changing rooms & showers, large well equipped bar, clubhouse & kitchen facilities, our latest addition to the club is our own 4G training pitch a facility unheard of at this level, so if you fancy a chat about possibly joining us for next season contact...

Paul Gallacher
07986 037105

Update - 20th May 2017


Notice is hereby given, the Annual General Meeting of the Mid-Essex Football League will
be held at Old Chelmsfordians Association, Lawford Lane, Roxwell Road, Chelmsford, 
CM1 2NS on Tuesday 6th June 2017, 7.30pm. Your attention is drawn to rule 6(h).

Update - 18th April 2017

End of Season

As we start to approach the end of the season please note date for your diary

Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 6th June

The date to give notice of any withdrawals passed on the 31st March (see rule 14.a, 
and fine tariff), the date for entry of new teams into the competition for season 
2017-2018 is the 30th April.

Update - 10th April 2017

Whole Game Workshop

ECFA will be hosting a Whole Game System Workshop bespoke for adult clubs on the 24th May.

Details are as follows:

Workshop: Whole Game System
Date: 24th May
Time: 7-9pm
Location: ECFA
To book on: WGS Booking Form 

Update - 27th March 2017

Double Headers

The League preference is to avoid double headers but in certain cases these are necessary as is the case for this season.

Rule 10.a sets out the policy concerning double headers which states

The pitch and Referee expenses will be shared 50% each by the teams involved. 
The team whose home pitch is used shall collect the monies due and pay the Referee.

After last Saturday's Round Four Fixtures there are 3 Mid-Essex sides remaining in the competition all of which have not only been kept apart in the Quarter Final but have all secured home draws

Draw as follows

Quarter-Finals (28th January 2017, 1:30pm)

Railway Academicals Reserves vs L MAC Spartans
St Clere's vs Kitroom
Kenson vs May & Baker Eastbrook Community U21
Emeronians vs Pitsea Athletic

Our participation in the Junior Cup ended in Round Three