20th August

Each Team must have 15 players registered with the League

1st February

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary of any rule changes

4th February

Last day to return the League Trophies / Cups 

12th March

Last day to sign players on so that they can be eligible to play in a Cup Final

30th April

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary for the entry of new / additional Teams for the new season
Fixtures now loaded on Full Time
Update - 25th November 2018


You are all aware that the League is looking to become Charter Standard and the member clubs need to go down this route.
There are clear advantages to do so and the FA are looking to improve 
those benefits.

We are setting up First Aid courses as this will help meet the criteria.
If you can, in your own time, go on to the WebEx using the link below 
(play recording) which should help you with the CS process.  
We would like to see as many Clubs as possible to start filling in 
the forms and send in their application.

If you have any questions on this please contact Danielle at the ECFA.

Play Recording

Update - 25th November 2018


Please ensure that players signed on the day are added to your 
Team's Result Sheet following completion of the registration formalities.

It is the Club responsibility to add these to avoid any issues regarding future eligibility


December is traditionally a period when failing light can affect the later part of fixtures.

If possible, subject to the agreement of both sides and Match Official, try and bring kick off times forward

Update - 18th November 2018


Braintree & Bocking United F.C. a Club formed in 1958 and been members of our competition since 1970 have now withdrawn their First Team from the competition following on from the withdrawal of their Reserve Team at the start of the season.

This brings withdrawals thus far to 5, including Cook & O'Rourke from Division one, Southminster St. Leonards from Division Two, Academy Soccer and Braintree & Bocking United Res. from Division Three.


A reminder to all Clubs. You sign players on the day at your own risk. Please check whether players are already signed on with the competition through the Whole Game System.

The completed signing on form must be scanned and sent to the Registration Secretary 2 days after the fixture has been played as well as adding the player onto WGS.

You must not play the player again until he has been registered.

Please see competition rule 18.


Simply sending an email saying a Club played an ineligible player does not constitute a breach of rule

This simply comes down to your word against theirs.

Concrete evidence must be provided and your attention is drawn to rule 20.r. Please also obtain a date of birth. 

Update - 12th November 2018

Chartered Standard

As discussed at both the Mid Essex and the Olympian AGM’s at the start of the season, both leagues are looking to achieve Charter Standard with positive steps already being taken to provide member clubs with a bespoke IFAiF (formerly known as Emergency First Aid). Spaces on the IFAiF (Emergency Aid) are filling up and I would suggest booking through the link

To further support clubs the ECFA will be hosting a WebEx (online meeting) to discuss becoming Charter Standard, the confirmed benefits as well as working through the new 
application pack which the FA have released in recent months. 

The WebEx will be held on Monday 19th November – 6:30 – 7:30pm.  

All details to log onto the WebEx can be found below;

Mid Essex and Olympian League - Charter Standard

Monday, November 19, 2018

6:30 pm | GMT Time (London, GMT) | 1 hr

Meeting number (access code): 845 887 842

Host key: 671958

Meeting password: 9FdARWSm

When it's time, start your meeting.

Update - 4th November 2018

Fixtures 22nd and 29th December 2018

The League is planning to schedule a full fixture list for Saturday 22nd December 2018.

Any Club not wishing to have a fixture on that date, even if you have previously indicated that you do not want a fixture on that date MUST contact the relevant Fixture Secretary by no later than the 10th November 2018

Premier - Div.2 Paul Cram at

Div. 3 - 4 Paul Gallacher at

Kindly note there will be no fixtures scheduled for Saturday 29th December 2018

Update - 15th October 2018


The County Motor Works Vauxhall 

Mid-Essex Football League v Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League

When : Wednesday 24th October 2018

Time : 7.45pm

Where : Witham Town FC

Once again the time has come to play the annual fixture between the representative teams of the Mid-Essex Football League and the Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League in memory of David Marshall. Whilst the weather prevented the fixture from going ahead last season, the Mid Essex League took the honours in a tight game in 2016 2-1!

The game is played in the memory of David Marshall and the money raised is currently donated to Moulsham Grange Children’s Centre.  As some of you may not be familiar with the history I thought I would take this opportunity to enlighten you.

David Marshall was a referee in our competition who died some 24 years or so ago whilst in his early 30s, leaving a wife and 2 children. His family, including his father who was also a referee and assessor, wished to do something in his memory and the charity fixture between the Mid-Essex League and the Chelmsford Sunday League was begun. The family nominated the Moulsham Grange Children’s Centre as the beneficiaries of any monies raised as they had had dealings with it through a family member.

Moulsham Grange Children’s Centre, based in Chelmsford, houses, and is a base for, specialist services for children with special needs, providing a wide range including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy.

“With your help we can fund so many important projects and extra amenities to enhance the environment at the centre for the care and support of younger patients. It may also be used to purchase additional equipment to assist the treatment that can be provided. We work closely with staff to ensure every donation is used wisely. Once again, thank you for your generous and continued support.” - Yvonne Carter, Charities Support Officer.

To date the fixture between the Mid-Essex Football League and the Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League has raised £29,524. This includes £1,900 that will be presented to the Children’s Centre at the match. The two leagues, together with the Essex Veterans League and the Chelmsford Referees Society, each donate to the charity along with a number of other donors and, of course, the gate receipts on the day of the match. Our donation is a significant part of the Charity’s fundraising.

So, firstly, please advise the members of your League, Clubs and Societies about the fixture, secondly, come to the game and support both the representative teams, the officials and this worthy cause.

Update - 5th August 2018

Registration of Players

There are a number of Clubs that have not registered any players through WGS.

Please note rule 18.b (ii) Each Clubs must have at least 15 players per team registered by 10th August 2018

Constitution Amendments

We have found it necessary to make some adjustments to the Constitution. With the fixtures now released no further amendments can be made.

Dunmow Rhodes F.C. have been placed back in Division One.  You will note they put their hands up to play in the Premier Division at the AGM. On reflection this was not going to work out for the Club and rather than lose a team and Club the Management Committee agreed to the above.

Division One will now revert back to 12 teams following Cook & O'Rourke's withdrawal

Division Two, Southminster St. Leonards F.C. have withdrawn, a sad day after 120 years the Club has now folded. A new team came forward on Friday and South Essex United F.C. will now replace Southminster in Division Two

Changes to Result / Stats Pages on Full Time

The following information has been supplied to us by the F.A.


Ahead of the new season we are making some important changes to the way we record ‘match returns’ in Full-Time, specifically the marks given for referees, respect, the opposition & the pitch.

To view the examples of each section click on the headings.

We are standardising the way we record these marks across all leagues in England to better understand the game and where to improve, develop and reward the work done at grassroots level. The specific changes are listed below:

There are also changes to the Player Statistics page.


Referees will still be marked out of 100, but the mark will be made up of three questions covering, judgement of major decisions, overall decision making and general control and player management.


Two questions to understand the behaviour on and off the pitch on match day.


These remain the same with three questions regarding type of pitch and pitch quality.


To allow for the introduction of Sin-Bins there are now extra columns to be completed as required.

Amendments to Red Card Reporting

Please read the attached - CLICK HERE