20th August

Each Team must have 15 players registered with the League

1st February

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary of any rule changes

4th February

Last day to return the League Trophies / Cups 

12th March

Last day to sign players on so that they can be eligible to play in a Cup Final

30th April

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary for the entry of new / additional Teams for the new season
Fixtures now loaded on Full Time
Update - 5th August 2018

Registration of Players

There are a number of Clubs that have not registered any players 
through WGS.

Please note rule 18.b (ii) Each Clubs must have at least 15 players 
per team registered by 10th August 2018

Constitution Amendments

We have found it necessary to make some adjustments to the 
Constitution. With the fixtures now released no further amendments 
can be made.

Dunmow Rhodes F.C. have been placed back in Division One. 
You will note they put their hands up to play in the Premier Division 
at the AGM. On reflection this was not going to work out for the Club 
and rather than lose a team and Club the Management Committee 
agreed to the above.

Division One will now revert back to 12 teams following Cook & 
O'Rourke's withdrawal

Division Two, Southminster St. Leonards F.C. have withdrawn, 
a sad day after 120 years the Club has now folded. A new team came forward on Friday and South Essex United F.C. will now replace Southminster in Division Two

Changes to Result / Stats Pages on Full Time

The following information has been supplied to us by the F.A.


Ahead of the new season we are making some important changes to the way we record ‘match returns’ in Full-Time, specifically the marks given for referees, respect, the opposition & the pitch.

To view the examples of each section click on the headings.

We are standardising the way we record these marks across all leagues in England to better understand the game and where to improve, develop and reward the work done at grassroots level. The specific changes are listed below:

There are also changes to the Player Statistics page.


Referees will still be marked out of 100, but the mark will be made up of three questions covering, judgement of major decisions, overall decision making and general control and player management.


Two questions to understand the behaviour on and off the pitch on match day.


These remain the same with three questions regarding type of pitch and pitch quality.


To allow for the introduction of Sin-Bins there are now extra columns to be completed as required.

Amendments to Red Card Reporting

Please read the attached - CLICK HERE

Update - 29th July 2018

FA Temporary Dismissals (Sin Bin) Workshops

The ECFA have arranged workshops for Clubs and match officials for the Sin Bin pilot for 2018/19 season as follows.

· Saturday 4th August @ Chelmsford City FC (9.45am for 10am start)
· Thursday 9th August @ Aveley FC (7pm for 7.30pm start)
· Wednesday 15th August @ Chelmsford City FC (7pm for 7.30pm start)

Venue Addresses:
Chelmsford City FC, Salerno Way, Chelmsford CM1 2EH
Aveley FC, Parkside, Park Ln, Aveley, South Ockendon, RM15 4PX

Braintree & North Essex Sunday League

· Tuesday 7th August (7pm for 7.30pm start)

· Saturday 11th August (9.45am for 10am start)

· Tuesday 14th August (7pm for 7.30pm start)

Venue Address: Bocking Village Hall/Church St, Braintree, CM7 5LA

These training sessions will be delivered by a member of the Referees Department and a member of the Governance Team (Greg Hart or Robert Craven). We anticipate the training to be no longer, than 60-90 minutes however this would depend on questions, which may arise throughout the session.

We believe that although the club secretaries have already attended the FA training at the AGM we feel that it would be hugely beneficial to those club managers and captains to receive the training to ensure that we have a consistent message being provided to both match officials and clubs.

Update - 29th July 2018

Here's the latest version of the virtual handbook..  Click Here

Update - 20th June 2018

Sin-Bin Procedure - Match Day Process

Match Day Process

• All Cautions for Dissent must be dealt with by the Sin Bin Process
• Applies to Players only and not Substitutes or Coaching Staff
• Referee Signals by issuing a Yellow card in the normal way and 
pointing to the touchline where the player must go. (not a defined 
Bin area)

Period in Sin Bin is:

• 10 Minutes for all matches of 90 minutes
• 8 Minutes for all other matches
• No designated area –just back with management and subs

• Period starts when play restarts
• Referee includes any lost time
• Where neutral Assistants are appointed they assist with timing 
otherwise teams where possible nominate someone to assist

• Referee has final decision on when the player can return to play.
• Does not need to be in a stoppage in play
• A Player in the Sin Bin cannot be substituted until the period has 
expired and not at all if all substitutes have been used
• If the period has not expired at the end of the 1sthalf, it continues 
during the 2ndhalf (or Extra Time)
• If it has not expired at the end of Extra Time and there are kicks from the penalty mark –the player can participate

Repeat Offenders

If a temporary dismissed player:

• commits another YC Offence or RC offence during the sin bin period – cannot take any further part in the game and cannot be substituted.
• Commits a non-dissent caution at any time on the field of play – in addition to the sin bin period will continue to play.
• Commits a Second Dissent caution (and no other offences) – will receive a second period in the sin bin. At the end of that period, the player can take no further part in the game but can be substituted.
• Commits a Second dissent action and has already had a non- Dissent caution – will take no further part in the game and cannot be substituted.
• All other Laws of the Game remain unaffected (i.e. 2 Non-Dissent Yellow cards)


• All players sent to the Sin Bin must be reported by the Referee in the normal way for a C2 offence

To view table of punishment - Click Here

Update - 11th June 2018

AGM Report

The Competition will be one of three Leagues in the County next season operating Sin Bins. Guidelines attached 

Training sessions for Referee's and Clubs will be provided details to be provided in due course

Whole Game Player Registration opens on the 12th June

ECFA Affiliations need to be completed by 30th June

Competition season starts on the 18th August 2018, Teams must have 11 players registered by the 11th August. 

Update - 6th June 2018


Constitution as agreed at the AGM - Click Here

Update - 27th May 2018

Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given, the Annual General Meeting of the Mid-Essex Football League will be held at Old Chelmsfordians Club House, Lawford Lane, Chelmsford on Tuesday 5th June 2018, 7.30pm. Your attention is drawn to rule 6(h).

Update - 20th May 2018


The above Regulation came into force on 25 May 2018 introducing 
new/revised requirements for any parties that are a data controllers or processors & collect personal data including organisations such as our competition & clubs.

The Regulation provides our competition with the following responsibilities:

- Fair lawful & transparent processing - personal data must be processed lawfully, fairly & in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject.

- Purpose - personal data may only be collected for specified, explicit & legitimate purposes & must not be further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.

- Minimisation - personal data must be adequate, relevant & limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which those data are processed.

- Accuracy - personal data must be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date. Every reasonable step must be taken to ensure that personal data that are inaccurate are either erased or rectified without delay.

- Retention - personal data must be kept in a form that permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed.

- Security - personal data must be processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of those data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing & against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.

- Accountability - the controller is responsible for, and must be able to demonstrate, compliance with the Data Protection Principles.

As we move into the new season we will include the requirement for clubs/referees/players to confirm that they accept the collection of personal data for the specific purposes detailed within our Privacy Notice. We will also be utilising to a greater degree the FA's Whole Game & Full Time Databases as these meet all the required Data Protection requirements especially with regard to Security of data.

As an initial step we therefore provide attached a copy of our Privacy Notice that you should all review to ensure that you understand the purposes for which we hold & use personal data.

We are also arranging for a copy of this Privacy Notice to be made available via our website.

Should you wish to gain a greater understanding of GDPR & its impacts upon clubs, players & referees etc the FA in partnership with Muckle LLP has produced a number of factsheets which are available at  GDPR Factsheets - Muckle LLP

MEFL Privacy Notice

Update - 19th April 2018

Withdrawal - Great Baddow Res.

Given the Clubs struggle to fulfil fixtures it was no surprise to receive the news of Great Baddow F.C. Res withdrawal from the Premier Division.

Having failed to fulfil 75% of their fixtures all results will be expunged.

Once again the Premier Division has been decimated by withdrawals, which is a sad reflection on the competition as a whole.

Update - 1st April 2018


Prior to the Premier Division League Cup Final on Good Friday Alec Berry FA Representative for the Essex F.A. presented our President Bob Brimmacombe with a 50 year Long Service Award.

Bob took his Referee’s badge in in 1966/67, like many who had followed the success of England winning the World Cup in 1966.  He started his career as a Match Official with the Mid Essex Football League in 1967, officiating in this League for 21 years

In 1971 he took up the challenge of Match Official Secretary to the Mid Essex Football League. He held this thankless yet rewarding position until 1982 in total eleven years, overseeing many match officials graduate to higher national league status.

In 1983 Bob became the Mid Essex Leagues, Honorary Secretary, until 1985 when he changed role within the League to its Treasurer a post he would hold for four years.

As can be seen, Bob was an integral member of this progressive Saturday football league and was voted to hold the position of its Chairman in 1989 a position he was to hold for fifteen years. In his time as Chairman, the League has grown from strength to strength and has seen the League become one of the most respected Saturday Leagues in East Anglia.

Bob was given the honour of being its President in 2004 and is still the President of this League to date. This has seen Bob being an integral member of the Mid Essex Football League for 51 years and still counting.

In 1993, Bob was a founder member of the Essex Veterans League, seeing the necessity to provide football to those who were less mobile, yet very competitive. He took on the role of its Chairman, a role he still holds to this date. He between 2004 and 2011, also took on the role of the Leagues Secretary. During the 2017/18 season the League has 87 teams playing in nine Divisions, with the minimum age of players being 35. They also have three Over 45 Divisions with a total of 25 teams, which makes this the largest Saturday League in Essex. The League covers from Southend in the South East of the County, right along to Walthamstow, up the M11 corridor to Newport, across to Tiptree and then down to Tillingham.

As can be seen, Bob has been instrumental in helping to provide football to many in Essex. His commitment and professionalism can be seen, in a sport that he clearly loves.