20th August

Each Team must have 15 players registered with the League

1st February

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary of any rule changes

4th February

Last day to return the League Trophies / Cups 

12th March

Last day to sign players on so that they can be eligible to play in a Cup Final

30th April

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary for the entry of new / additional Teams for the new season
Welcome to the new season
Update - 4th September 2019

Referee - Match Result Sheet

All Referee's please note that after each game they are required 
to complete the sheet below and return to John Burdett.

Click here for sheet

Update - 27th August 2019

Full Time

A reminder in terms of your responsibilities for reporting results 
through SMS and Result Sheets is shown on the attached guides

Entering Results On Full Time

Guides To Sending In Results By SMS

Update - 4th August 2019

Temporary Dismissals

Following on from the Temporary Dismissal Workshops that the Essex FA have delivered around the county, the FA yesterday released some further guides and support for all involved within the game for Temporary Dismissals. To find these guides and support, you can do so by going to the FA’s website ( in which you can download a ‘Sin Bin Infographic’ and also access the ‘Sin Bins Online Guide’ or by going direct to the online guides link;

Also just to provide you all with an update during the presentations one of the FAQS covered during the presentation around “What happens if the team go down to less than 7 players as a result of a Temporary Dismissal?” Previously the outcome was “If it is the
player’s second sin bin and not permitted to return – the game will be abandoned.” However it has been revised and the outcome will be “Under the Laws of the Game, if the team go below 7 for whatever reason – the game will be abandoned.”

Update - 3rd August 2019


Essex football clubs and referees at all levels are making themselves aware of the latest amendments to the laws of the game after the International Football Association Board (IFAB) confirmed several alterations for 2019/20.

Each year revisions are made to the laws so they’re more appropriate to the game. Changes for this season include updates to the laws on substitutions, team official misconduct, handballs, kick-offs, defensive walls and penalty and goal kicks.

The universality of the laws of the game means football is essentially the same in every part of the world and at every level. As well as creating a fair and safe environment in which the game is played, the laws also promote participation and enjoyment.

Please refer to the link below for the main changes