20th August

Each Team must have 15 players registered with the League

1st February

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary of any rule changes

4th February

Last day to return the League Trophies / Cups 

12th March

Last day to sign players on so that they can be eligible to play in a Cup Final

30th April

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary for the entry of new / additional Teams for the new season
Update 27th May 2023

Season 2022-2023

We reach the end of another season, the Competitions 125th in existence

League Trophies and Medals will be presented at the AGM which is being held on TUESDAY 6th JUNE 2023 at Old Chelmsfordians F.C. commencing at 7.30pm

Congratulations to all Clubs that have won honors this season

Update 2nd April 2023


The weather continues to disrupt our League and more importantly the scheduling of our Cup Finals

We have therefore found it necessary to amend the Cup Final dates again, and hope that this will be the last changes we need to make


Wednesday 12th April - Division Three Cup Final - Southend Rangers F.C. Res. v Harold Hill F.C. Res.

Wednesday 19th April - Patrons Plate Cup Final - Great Baddow F.C. v Harold Hill F.C. Res.

Wednesday 26th April - Division Two Cup Final - T.B.C

Monday 1st May - Premier Division Cup Final - 2pm Kick-Off - T.B.C.

Thursday 4th May 2023 - Division One Cup Final - T.B.C.


Monday 8th May 2023 - Dave Strachan Cup Final - 11am Kick off - Burnham Ramblers F.C. v T.B.C.

Update 27th March 2023


Thursday 30th March 2023 - Division Three - Southend Rangers F.C. Res. v Harold Hill F.C.

Wednesday 12th April - Division Two

Wednesday 26th April - Division One

Saturday 29th April - Patrons Plate at White Notley F.C.

Monday 1st May - Premier Division Cup Final at Witham Town F.C. 2pm kick off

Monday 8th May - Dave Strachan Cup Final at White Notley F.C. 11am kick off

Update 6th March 2023

Cup Finals

Please note that the Division Three Cup Final will now be played on Thursday 30th March 2023 at Witham Town F.C.

Essex County Cup Finals

Congratulations to both Felsted Rovers F.C. and Sandon Royals F.C. who have successfully reached the Saturday Junior Trophy and Saturday Junior Cup Finals

These fixtures will be played at Heybridge Swifts F.C. on 

Saturday Junior Cup - Wednesday 29th March 2023 v Heybridge Swifts U23's

Saturday Junior Trophy - Friday 21st April 2023 v Manford Way F.C. Res.

We wish both Clubs the best of luck in these finals

Update 6th February 2023

Mid Essex League Cup Finals

The following finals are to be played at Witham Town F.C. kick off 7.45pm unless stated

Wednesday 15th March 2023 - Division Four

Wednesday 29th March 2023 - Division Three

Friday (Good Friday) 7th April 2023 - Premier Division 2pm kick off

Wednesday 12th April 2023 - Division Two

Wednesday 26th April 2023 - Division One

The following finals to be played at White Notley F.C.

Saturday 29th April 2023 - Patrons Plate knockout Final - 2pm kick off

Monday 1st May 2023 - Dave Strachan Knockout Final - 11am kick off

Update 30th December 2022

Supporting Referees: New anti-discrimination video launched

Reporting Discrimination - Inclusion and anti-discrimination - Rules & Regulations | The Football Association (

Ending discrimination and abuse is everyone’s responsibility


- Over 60% of reported discriminatory abuse lead to a charge. 

- Referees have the power to abandon the match if it doesn’t stop.

The F.A are taking the strongest stand against discriminatory behaviour, and are ensuring support is given to Match Referee's 

What counts as discriminatory behaviour?

Language or conduct that is aggravated by ethnic origin, colour, race, nationality, faith, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation or disability. 

Such behaviour needs to end. It has no part in our game.

There’s no need for confrontation. Just a clear need to identify and report discriminatory behaviour through a set procedure designed to protect the Referee and get results.

In the event of discriminatory behaviour, here’s what Referee's are advised to do:

1. At a break in play, the Referee should be made aware of the incident.
2. The Referee must then report it to a relevant club representative.
3. Next, this representative should speak to the individual involved to stop the discriminatory abuse.
4. The Referee must then speak to the managers and captains of both sides to confirm the way forward.
5. The Referee has the authority to take the players off the field until the discriminatory behaviour ends. If it doesn’t, the Referee has the authority to abandon the game.
6. Following the game, the Referee should report any incident to the relevant County FA, even if you didn’t personally witness the discriminatory abuse.
7. The Referee can also contact Kick it Out by emailing or on the app.

Update 19th December 2022


To all Clubs, Players, and Officials we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We wish you all the best for the remainder of the Season


Please see the attached link

Long Service Awards - Essex FA

Update 12th December 2022

Pre-Match Pitch Inspections

We have had a weekend of cold weather, we just want to send a gentle reminder to all Clubs / referees to ensure a pre-match pitch inspection is carried out below is some guidance for you. Please note that if the Referee has travelled then he is entitled to his full match fee, so please bare that in mind.

Also it is pointless phoing the League Secretary for a decision. I am not at the ground so the decision rests with the HOME Club and the GROUNDSMEN, if you cannot get a Referee to inspect the playing surface.

· An early inspection avoids unnecessary travel, get a local Referee to inspect the pitch

· Player safety is our number one priority i.e. is the playing surface safe to play on

· Liaise with the grounds person (if available) to understand their knowledge of the pitch

· Thoroughly inspect the pitch and not take a cursory look at the pitch

· Remember, that the highest temperature of the day is usually midday

Once you have made your decision as whether the match is to be played, please ensure you:

· Communicate with both clubs/teams

· Communicate with the competition that the match was postponed

Update 3rd October 2022

Bob Brimacombe - League President

It is with much sadness that we report of the passing of our League President, Bob Brimacombe

Bob took his referee’s ‘badge’ in 1966/67, like many who had followed the success of England winning the World Cup in 1966. He started his career as a match official with the Mid Essex League, officiating there for 21 years. In 1971 he also took up the challenge of Match Official Secretary. He held this position until 1982, overseeing many match officials’ graduations to higher national league status. In 1983, Bob became Honorary Secretary, until 1985 when he changed role to Treasurer, a post he would hold for four years. He was an integral member of this Saturday football league and was voted to hold the position of its Chairman in 1989, a post he was to hold for 15 years. Bob was given the honour of being League President in 2004, serving as an integral member for more than 51 years.

In 1993, Bob was also a founder member of the Essex Veterans’ League, seeing the necessity to provide football to those who were getting past their prime, yet were still very competitive. He took on the role of Chairman until 2018 and then he took on the role of President. Between 2004 and 2011 he was also League Secretary.

Bob gave a tremendous amount of time, dedication and service to grassroots football and received the FA 50 Year Award in 2018.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bob’s family, friends and colleagues at this sad time.

Update - 9th September 2022

We’re backing Play Safe

The Mid Essex Football League is lending its full support to Play Safe – an ongoing national campaign led by The FA to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding in football.

Although it runs throughout the year, Play Safe really comes to the fore over football’s National Safeguarding Weekend, held this year on Saturday/Sunday 1st and 2nd October.

The main focus this year is on parents and carers, with two key messages to convey:

     · Awareness of the vital safeguarding role parents/carers play 
        in football; and
     · Encouragement to take the short, new and free online 
        safeguarding course that’s been created specifically for 
        parents/carers. You can access the course here.

Importantly, encouragement to take the new course has come from FASSSAG – The FA’s Survivor Support and Safeguarding Advisory Group:

“We have inputted into the course and helped frame its key messages from our collective experiences. It’s vitally important to us that every parent/carer understands they role they need to play in football. Taking this course can make a real difference – we are asking every parent/carer to commit to help ensure football is ever-safer.”

The support of FASSSAG has been welcomed by FA Chief Executive Mark Bullingham, himself a parent and youth football coach. “The FASSSAG has been important in helping us create our new strategy moving forwards and we really appreciate their input into the new course. I have taken the new course and encourage all parents/carers across football to take it too.

“Ultimately, safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. We all need to ensure that everyone involved in football – particularly children and young people – has a consistently safe and positive experience of our great game. Play Safe reminds everyone of that responsibility and keeps safeguarding front of mind, which is exactly where it should be.”

Play Safe is being run in partnership with the NSPCC and has the full backing of the Premier League, EFL, Barclays Women’s Super League and Barclays Women’s Championship. It’s also supported and being run across every other level of the game.