20th August

Each Team must have 15 players registered with the League

1st February

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary of any rule changes

4th February

Last day to return the League Trophies / Cups 

12th March

Last day to sign players on so that they can be eligible to play in a Cup Final

30th April

Last day to notify the Hon. Secretary for the entry of new / additional Teams for the new season
All fixtures now released on Full Time
Update - 21st December 2021


As we approach the end of 2021, and take a brief moment to look back across the year, it has been a very challenging one for football with the continuing need to react and adapt to an ever changing landscape.

In such times it is often very easy to focus on the challenges and difficulties that have been faced and forget that whilst that is the case, football has also succeeded to move forward through the determination and commitment the volunteer workforce have for the game.

Whilst there are always aspects that collectively we wish to improve upon, credit and recognition goes to everyone who has contributed to supporting football over the past calendar year.

So, on behalf of the Mid Essex Football League the Management Committee wanted to place on record our collective thanks for your contributions and support across the year, and wish you a wonderful and enjoyable festive period.

Update - 6th September 2021


Following the first set of fixtures played yesterday, we recognised that there may be a few teething issues but a lot of these are driven by the fact that some Clubs clearly ignore my emails

Can I please point out that there is no point trying to phone me after 1pm. I Referee, so I am either travelling or preparing for my game, so if my phone rings, I will simply ignore it

I am corresponding with Club Secretaries as such it is important that if you are delegating any of the below within your Club individuals are aware of their responsibilities to avoid fines being raised

A reminder (again) of the following

1. SMS Results.  There were only a couple of Clubs that failed to submit their result yesterday, but please ensure you do have the correct people set up. Results must be submitted by 7pm on the day of the fixture. If someone within your Club did not receive the SMS please advise me and I will review and check to see if they are set up. See competition rule 21.b

2. Referee Appointments.  As I highlighted in my email of yesterday if you have not been appointed a Referee, or your Referee drops off your game please do not telephone the Referee Appointment Secretary, he will be aware and will re-appoint where possible. If the Competition is unable to appoint a Referee then it is up to both Clubs to agree on someone to officiate the game. The game must be played. See competition rule 23.a

3. Dave Strachan and Patrons Plate Competitions.  For the Group fixtures the result after 90 minutes stands. If scores are level at 90 minutes extra time and penalties are not required. This will only come into effect for the knockout stages

4. Substitutes. Roll on roll off substitutions are permitted in all Mid Essex League fixtures.  A Team can name and play up to 5 substitutes. See competition rule 20.f

5. Referee Fees.  For Cup Competitions Referee fees are split 50 / 50 and must be paid to the Match Official prior to kick off. For League fixtures the Referee fee is the sole responsibility of the Home Club. Referee fees are £35.00

6. Signing Players on the Day.  The Competition Registrations Secretary has sent out a note on this highlighting that up to 3 players can be signed on the day. See competition rule 18.a

7. Unfulfilled Fixtures.  If a Team is unable to fulfil a fixture the defaulting Club must provide full details of the reasons for the unplayed game to the League Secretary, League Fixture Secretary and Referee Appointment Secretary. It is important that the Referee Appointment Secretary is contacted immediately as he may be able to re-appoint the Referee

8. Result Sheets.  Please ensure that the relevant individual in your Club responsible for loading the Result Sheet in Full Time as the relevant log in details. The Result Sheet must be loaded by Wednesday morning.. See competition rule 21.a 


Update - 31st August 2021

An Update On Player Registration - Note from The F.A.

Firstly we want to acknowledge and apologise for the challenges that you and colleagues may have faced in recent weeks with registering players for the 2021/22 season. Whilst for the majority our new system is proving to be faster and more stable, we know that for a proportion of our customers there have unfortunately been issues that have prevented registrations happening. Please rest assured that The FA’s Digital Technology and Grassroots divisions are working flat out and doing everything within our power to find resolutions to these issues.

We have been working hard to replace the player registration functionality that our legacy Whole Game System has previously provided, knowing that this no longer has the capacity, speed or functionality to meet the current needs across the game. There was a robust process to scope, design and build the new player registration approach, which is currently supporting up to 35,000 registrations a day, but there have been some underlying technical challenges.

We have made progress resolving two key issues. One related to some users facing an issue where the system is not correctly recognising that a parent/carer is linked to a player. We’ve resolved bugs related to incorrect error messages and the system flagging missing data that is actually available. We are working on the remaining ones. The other was with the page freezing when adding a new photo, which is now fixed. Our teams are continuing to work round the clock to fix issues.

We share your frustrations that the new system has not yet performed as we’d all hoped and planned, and thank our critical grassroots workforce and volunteers across the game for their continued patience. We’ll continue doing all we can to address these technical issues as immediately as possible, whilst keeping you updated on our progress.

Update - 31st August 2021

Season - Kick Off 

Our season commences next Saturday as such I wish to remind all Clubs of the following:-

1. Fixture Confirmation - ALL Clubs Primary Contacts will have received email notification of their fixtures through Full Time. This all details Referee Appointments. Home Clubs MUST confirm the fixture by Tuesday at the latest. Any Club who fails to confirm the fixture with the appointed Match Official by this time, may have that Referee removed and appointed elsewhere

2. Signing on the day - A Team may sign up to 3 players on the day. Please refer to Competition rule 18.a . The required form can be download from the League website (League documents). The completed form must be sent to the League Registration Secretary. The player must be also be loaded on to the Registration platform

3. Referee Fees - The Referee fee is £35.00 and must be paid to the Match Official prior to kick off. For ALL Cup games the Match fee is shared

4. Team Sheets - All Clubs should now be in receipt of a Team Sheet Pad. The Team Sheet MUST be handed to the Match Referee 15 minutes before kick off

5. Results - The Home Club must respond to the SMS message received from Full Time, with the result of the fixture. This must be sent before 7pm. The League website has a guide for completing the SMS message. Please ensure that you have all your key contacts set up in WGS. 

6. Result Sheets - These must be submitted through Full Time by Wednesday morning following the fixture at the latest. If you do not have log in details please email me and I will send through a link to set up a username and password.