League Headquarters

The Mid-Essex Football League
Great Baddow Community Centre
Baddow Road, Great Baddow

League Officers

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Vice Chairman:

League Secretary:


Registration Secretary:

Fixture Secretary:  
(All divisions)

Referee Appointment Secretary:

Results Secretary:

Publicity Secretary:

Representative Team Manager:

League Officers Responsibilities

•  The League Chairman:- For problems you cannot resolve with other officers and membership enquiries.
•  The League Secretary:- For all general business matters, protests and suggestions
•  The Treasurer:- For all financial matters unless otherwise directed.
•  The Fixture Secretary:- For all matters concerning the fixtures.
•  The Registration Secretary:- for all registrations and transfers.
•  The Referee's Secretary:- For all matters relating to the appointment of Referees, including their non-appearance.
•  The Referees Development Officer:- Support referees with their concerns whether this be games or league matters, for all Referee result sheets.
•  The Result Secretary:- For all result sheets.
•  The Publicity Secretary:- For all items of interest including match reports
•  The Representative Team Secretary:- The organisation of the Representative team 

Club Representatives on Management Committee

The following are the Club Representatives on the Management Committee who clubs should contact if they have any matters they wish discussed at a committee meeting.

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Paul Gallacher   01206 572180

Terry Cove  0208 5001653  /  07973 538472

Roger Crane   01376 348648

Bob Piper  01245 471695

Who to Contact if Your Match is Postponed

You MUST contact the following OFFICERS if your match is postponed and you are 

the home team or are playing in an outside competition either home or away

•  The Fixture Secretary:- Prem – Div.3 Ken Pearce 01245 251 382 , Div.4 – Div.6 Paul Cram 01245 496 248

•  The Referee's Appointment Secretary:- 01376 520 993

•  As Well As

• Opponents:- When you are the home team

•  Referee:- Where appointed and you are the home team

Andy Chaplin ​

Stuart Rose   

Steve Carter  

Andy Chaplin   

Paul Cram       

Steve Carter     

Paul Gallacher 

George Lowe

John Burdett       

Andy Chaplin   

Gordan Harvey   

Tel:         01375 670160

Tel:         01621 740356

Tel:         07760 239734​

Tel:         01245 496248 or 07931 358920

Tel:         07964 740 584

Tel:         07986 037 105

Tel:         07429 422 619

Tel:         07713 396588

Tel:         07760 239734

Tel:          01621 855907