Update -  23rd March 2014

Use of Drugs

I have had reports of drugs potentially being used during a recent Mid-Essex League Fixture. This is not the first occasion this has been reported to the competition

All Clubs please note, any Club reported to the League where it has been proved that drugs have been used before, during or after a Mid-Essex League fixture WILL be immediately removed from the Competition


Rule 8.r. clearly states the process which should be followed when disputing the identity of a player on the day of the fixture.

Please note that the Referee should not be consulted or involved in this dispute

Update -  9th March 2014


With the weather relenting and what would have been a full fixture list played on the 8th had it not been for a handful of breaches, which is of concern, we need to all work together to ensure that we reach a satisfactory conclusion to the season with Championships / Promotion and Relegation issues decided on the field of play

As of the 1st March 49% of the League Fixtures have been completed therefore we have 12 weeks of the season remaining to complete 51% of the League fixtures, appreciate this is going to be challenging

This can only be achieved through co-operation between Clubs i.e. double headers, late / early kick offs, Mid-Week Fixtures


An all Mid-Essex League Final.

Congratulations to both Beacon Hill Rovers F.C. and Sandon Royals F.C. who will compete for the Junior Trophy on Wednesday 26th March 2014 at Aveley F.C. 7.45pm kick off

Update -  6th March 2014


The dates have now been fixed for this season's Cup Finals. These are of course subject to change as we are still reliant on the weather and the availability of Witham Town F.C.

All Finals with the exception of the Dave Strachan will be played at Witham Town F.C. with a 7.45pm kick off unless stated

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 Division Six

Wednesday 9th April 2014 Division Three

Wednesday 16th April 2014 Division Five

Friday 18th April 2014 Division One (11am kick off)

Thursday 24th April 2014 Division Two

Wednesday 30th April 2014 Division Four

Monday 5th May 2014 Dave Strachan Knockout Trophy (11am kick off) White Notley F.C.

Saturday 17th or 24th May – Premier Division Cup Final (3pm kick off)


The last day to register / transfer players is as per rule 8.j Saturday 8th March 2014

Update -  4th March 2014

A Noticeboard tab has been created to allow Clubs to advertise for Managers / Players etc.

Clubs should email the League Secretary if they wish to advertise

Please see latest advert.

Update -  23rd January 2014


Clubs who operate two or more teams in the competition your attention is drawn to rule 8.n.

Regratably this rule does not extend to other "senior" competitions which we ackowledge at times creates an unfair advanatage to Clubs who operate teams in these competitions.

Update -  16th January 2014

Essex Junior Trophy

Quarter Final draw guarantees 2 Mid-Essex Teams will reach semi final stage

Flitch United or Rayford v Dunmow Rhodes or Haver Town A

Rayleigh Town or Stock United v Sandon Royals

Real Dagenham v Focus Ferrers

Beacon Hill Rovers v Stifford Town or Boreham

Update -  12th January 2014


As a consequence of today's postponements in the County Cup there will be fixture changes required for Saturday 18th January 2014

Update -  7th January 2014

Kick-Off Times - 3/4G Pitches

Given the perennial problem associated with the weather we accept that there will be a greater usage of 3/4G pitches as Clubs are keen to ensure that matches are played.

These pitches tend to be allocated on a time slot basis which means that 2pm kick-off's are not always possible.

We as a League are flexible around kick-off times and hope Clubs can co-operate in this regard where possible. Indeed floodlight facilities allow for even greater flexibility and winter midweek fixtures are an option.

Please liaise with the Competition Fixture Secretaries it would be great to avoid any end of season backlog.

Update -  5th January 2014

SMS Results

POSTPONED text P-P, it is simple

How many more times do Clubs have to be advised

Update -  3rd January 2014

Club Records

In accordance with Rule 2 of the ECFA's articles of association can I remind ALL Clubs that they MUST have a Bank or Building Society Account in the name of the Club.

A Club shall keep accounting records for recording the fact and nature of all payments and receipts so as to disclose with reasonable accuracy, at any time, the financial position

A copy of any financial statements shall, on demand be forwarded to the Competition

Accountancy records MUST be retained for six seasons

Update -  3rd January 2014


The League Secretary has no intention of sending out round robin e-mails every time he has something to convey.

We do not subscribe to Twitter or any other social networks so the League website will continue to be the vehicle we use to convey all latest news and developments

Leading Goalscorers per division can now be found on the relevant tab (see opposite)

Update -  31st December 2013


The competition is committed to the Respect Campaign

The latest misconduct and Respect marks can be found in the discipline tab

Update -  16th December 2013

Respect Code of Conduct

All Clubs should be aware of the League Rule 10 (i)

All players and Club Officials MUST have signed the FA's RESPECT CODE
OF CONDUCT REGISTER (see Respect tab opposite)

As we will be inviting certain Club's to attend a League Discipline Meeting in the
New Year, those Club's invited will be required to produce a copy of this signed document.

These will be retained for a signature check by the League.

Update -  16th December 2013


10 (as far as I am aware) games called off in the last two weeks for Teams failing to raise sides.

This is an extremely worrying trend

Result Sheets

Rule 11.a clearly states when Result Sheets should be loaded

The Results Secretary does email those Clubs who breach this rule and we expect this reminder leads Clubs to load the required information on Full Time.

Going forward the system will be locked down on Friday evening therefore Clubs who fail to respond to this subsequent reminder WILL HAVE POINTS DEDUCTED

SMS - Results

A reduction in errors from last week but here are those Clubs who once again failed to respond as per the guidelines, again WHY ARE AWAY TEAMS STILL RESPONDING?

1. Haver lost 2-0 - should have been loaded as 2-0

2. H-A (2-6) City Colts 2 Haver Town 6 -should have been 2-6 correctly submitted by the home team so why did the away team respond?

3. Postponed, should have simply been P-P

4. Haver p-p little waltham. Little waltham couldnt get enough players, should have simply been P-P

Update -  12th December 2013

Shelley Royals F.C.

Shelley Royals F.C. have given notice of their intention to withdraw from the
Competition with immediate effect

All current fixtures involving the Club have been marked as postponed until the
matter has been debated at the next Management Committee Meeting scheduled
for 2nd January 2014

Update -  7th December 2013

SMS Results

I give up trying to help Clubs

The instructions on how to process results through the SMS facility are found on the League website. Can I suggest that maybe Club read them again

Today's Results 7/12, examples

1. Not played

2. 9_1

3. No game

4. H-A (8-2) Haver Town 8 Writtle Manor Res 2

5. Haver won 3-2

6. Extr 5.haver 1

All incorrect

Update -  2nd December 2013

Wednesday 4th December 2013 Representative Fixture

Witham Town F.C. 7.45pm kick-off

Please come and support your Representative Team

Update -  23rd November 2013

SMS - Results

I am clearly wasting my time sending emails out because no one reads them or make their Club Officials aware

to the text message sent by Full Time

The only exception is for County Cups where the Home and Away Tea,m must respond

Please also ensure the correct result is submitted. This week 5 results were incorrectly submitted. leading to further fines

Update -  17th November 2013

Respect to Local Communities

As a League we ask ALL Clubs to give due respect to local communities and the facilities used to host our football matches

Some grounds do publicly state that urinating in public view i.e. on the side of the pitches or in bushes in full public view is strictly prohibited. Whether it is advertised or not we DO NOT expect any player to act in this way

I would point out that any player caught is breaking the law and could lead to a fixed penalty fine in addition to further action being taken by the ECFA.

I have received a complaint following last Saturday's fixtures in this regard. I have reported the Club to the appropriate authorities.

Update -  22nd September 2013

Essex County F.A. Handbook

Clubs and referees can now access the 2013/14 Essex County FA Handbook online at



Welcome to The County Motor Works Vauxhall Mid-Essex Football League.
The League was founded in 1898 and now has a membership of 87 teams comprising of 7 divisions.

We are a Respect Competition. All players who have registered with the competition for season 2012-2013 have signed to acknowledge that

"They will play their part and observe the FA's Respect Code of Conduct for players at all times"

The 2013-2014 season promises to be another competitive hard fought season as we welcome a number of new Teams and Clubs into the Competition.

We wish all Clubs a very successful and enjoyable season, and not forgetting our Referee's.

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